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Freeway Killer

Sitting inside the black car

In the company of men

Boys in uniform

Looking good in blue

Revolvers out on spree

Taking their time

Flirting with red lights

They're taking me

To the station

Underneath the criss-cross of the freeways

Where prison guards

Look over their shoulders

Ignoring the action

They make me stand

Smile in black and white

Pinning numbers

Blinded by the bulb

I can still hear the ringing of the gun

The skid of the tires

The slump of the body

That night

Watching it all on tv

Looking like a geek

In the crayon sketch

Wondering if I should change my face

Steal a wig

Buttoning my eyes

Feeling the blood surge down

As I spread

Wondering if the erection will disappear

When it’s time to turn around

Now in the cell

A message wiped over a plea

Stick hangman leering in the dark

Next to me the smell of someone's heat

A howl across the cave

Back in the jungle climbing ladders

Squaring off

I don't need a full moon to kill

Anytime in the day


A look, a sharp turn

Incorrect change

Make you invisible

Easily replaced.

I don't need a full moon to kill

Anytime in the day

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