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Alex Alferov came to Self Help Graphics in 1986. He took classes in the workshop program and participated in the Atelier Program. Based on his previous experience organizing and curating numerous exhibits around the Los Angeles area, Alex co-founded and spearheaded the Exhibition Print Program of Self Help and became its Director in 1987. From 1987, he had been instrumental in helping Self Help Graphics develop its touring art exhibits, which subsequently were viewed at local, national and international galleries and museums.


Alex Alferov had been vital to the development of several major exhibitions as part of Self Help’s Atelier Program, including The Chicano Connection National Tour (in conjunction with the Phoenix Art Museum and MARS Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salido and Arizona-based Artists Collective), The Southwest Museum Retrospective of Self Help prints, The Laguna Art Museum Retrospective (Across the Street: Self Help Graphics and Chicano Art in Los Angeles), and DADA (Downtown Arts Development Association). He also contributed to other major exhibits, including the USIA Arts America Chicano Expressions Tour, and the tour of prints to Mexico through the Festival Internacional de la Raza.


One of Alferov’s major achievements was the development of VOICES/VOCES, a traveling exhibit of Self Help prints, accompanied by a photo-essay of the East Los Angeles area and a comprehensive sound and environmental installation. The VOICES/VOCES tour had been highly successful and popular with several universities and art institutions across California. Alferov lectured extensively in concert with the presentation of VOICES/VOCES, as well as a range of Self Help’s traveling exhibits.

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